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November 20, 2013:
Underground and above ground mining specialists are everywhere, but a lot of them are working on infrastructure projects now.


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Looking for a mining contractor? If you’re going to start a major mine project any time soon, you need to make sure that you choose experienced contracting companies who are specialists in the field. For instance, hard rock mining companies and coal mining operators are going to employ different techniques and equipment, and a machine that could tear coal out of a seam in West Virginia would break its teeth on a vein in Nevada. The environment of each mine also needs to be taken into account, whether you’re dealing in coal dust of fine silicates. Generally speaking, you need to get the right people for the job, and looking at past progress will help you get the least expensive mining contractors with the most potential for safety.

What do people use mining contractors for? Aside from the obvious mine construction, development, and tunneling jobs, there are several fields in road construction that also require the movement of several million tons of rock. Civil construction jobs that include ground stabilization and shotcreting (the use of concrete that gets sprayed from a hose) are seen all over the US and the rest of the world. For instance, road construction and tunneling use the same blasting and site cleanup techniques used in a mine environment.

In mines themselves, grouting, alimak stoping, and conventional raise mining are very common tasks handled by mining contracting firms. Road headers may have eliminated the need for quite a few personnel, but road header operation is still a specialized skill that demands the utmost concern for safety and efficiency. Surveying and development are two important keys to ensuring that your mine is going to produce the precious metals and usable minerals (or fuel sources) that justify the cost of the whole project. It may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to dig a decline down to an ore body just to see if the cost of open pit mining can be justified, so it makes sense to get mining contractors who can do the surveying in a cost effective manner. Getting quotes from contractors may also help you identify new mining methods that satisfy safety, environmental, and company concerns before the first blast hole is drilled, so don’t be afraid to call around when you need mining contractors who can do the job right.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Make sure your contractors are bonded and insured, since a lot can happen when you are a mile underground.